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Combine Administrators

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The Connors skin conflicts directly with the one in the pack, but the Gallahan one does not. I'm going to leave this file up purely for archival purposes.

Expanded Universe Combine Administrators

Included in this pack is two skins.

The first is Mr. Thomas Gallahan, Administrator of Off-World Transport for the Universal Union. The administrator of City 4 in the North American desert, he is the last human administrator many Combine soldiers see. The city itself is populated with proven Combine supporters, known as Citizens 1 - 10,000. He is kind on the outside, but is truely a cold and detached shell of a human. He reports directly to Dr. Breen, his former father-in-law in a past life, and it could be said the death of his wife was the catalyst ot his de-humanization.

The second is Dr. Gale Connors, Administrator of Homeworld Affairs. She is the reason humans have what little scraps of humanity the Combine allow them, such as personal posessions. She was the head of Human Resources for Black Mesa pre war. Now she does the same thing, but just for the whole world. Dr. Connors is one of the few Administrators that allows humans in their city to turn down re-location. Although she cares for her citizens, City 23 is by far one of the most hated, because of its 9:10 ratio of Civil Protection to citizens. This, however, is because everyone else in the city is part of the undergrould rebellion.
The Combine believe that she is a rebel supporter herself, but there has been no activity that proves this, and with support from Dr. Breen, it is doubtful that she will leave her citidel anytime soon.


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